Monday 16 January 2023

Article from the Archives number two

We are all looking for those first few signs that signal spring is on the way. High winds and lots of rain have made it a little difficult to get out and about, but the day length is inching out and a sunny hour out looking at plants is most welcome.   

It seems appropriate to look back at an article that was originally published in the Society Newsletter in spring 2001. This article was written by Dr Sarah Whild and might hopefully be a useful reminder or prove helpful to new recorders. 

Note: V. riviniana and V. reichenbachiana are virtually impossible to tell apart vegetatively. Mountain Pansy can also be blue and yellow but can always be determined by the large flowers and creeping habit. 

All newsletters are a available and can be found here.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our winter meeting at Preston Montford this Saturday 21st January at 2PM. We have John Warren as a guest speaker coming to discuss his new book "Frustrating Flowers and Puzzling Plants". John will be taking a look at some of these plant groups and discussing different approaches to help identify them.