The Shropshire Botanical Society was founded (as the Shropshire Flora Group) in 1976 and is run entirely by volunteers to further the enjoyment, understanding and conservation of the flora of Shropshire.   We organise field meetings, talks and events and issue two full colour newsletters twice a year.  The newsletters contain identification guides, species accounts, records of new finds, write ups of field visits and all sorts of other botanical news.

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in botany, and costs £15 per year or £30 for 3 years.  Your membership fee goes to support the activities of the Society such as hire of speakers, venues, printing and publishing, the website and quiz prizes.  All meetings and field visits are free to anyone including guests as there is no charge for enjoying botany!
Update: The committee decided to waive the membership fees for the year 2020 as we had to cancel the indoor AGM/spring meeting and the summer field meetings.  We will be holding a virtual AGM in September 2020 and local botanist Mark Duffell will be our speaker.