Recording Plants

Plant records are important for understanding the ecology, and for the conservation of the flora of Shropshire.  We welcome your plant records providing they include: 
what (species name), 
where (OS grid reference), 
when (date), and 
by whom (recorder or determiner name).  

These crucial details will enable your records to be verified by the BSBI County Recorders for vascular plants in Shropshire (Vice County 40), Mags Cousins and John Martin.  You may be contacted for more details if you have made new county records or for difficult, unusual or rare species.  Once verified your records will be included in all the local and national recording schemes and datasets.

This is the preferred way of recording and submitting records:

1) Using iRecord, you will need your own login but it is easier and more convenient than you might think!.  You can also submit photos of our finds which helps the verifier to confirm your records.  You will receive a notification via iRecord when your records have been verified or if further information is needed.

Record by monad (1km square) or to six, eight or ten figure grid reference for more uncommon or rare species.  

The last major recording effort was for the Atlas 2020 project by BSBI to update the flora of Britain and Ireland.  The completion of this, to be published soon, means that every portion of Shropshire needs to be recorded again to inform the next flora, so all your records are welcome.  Another flora could be many years hence but we might as well start now because it will take some time to record the whole county again and there are still many under-recorded corners.  

Please get in touch if you have any questions about recording and or would like more advice: 
Email the Shropshire Botanical Society Committee: