Recording Plants

Plant records are important for the understanding of the ecology and the conservation of the flora of Shropshire.  We welcome your plant records providing they include: what (species name), where (OS grid reference), when (date) and by whom (recorder or determiner name).  This will enable the Shropshire County Recorder, Dr Sarah Whild to confirm your records and submit them for inclusion into the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) distribution database.

There are lots of ways of recording and submitting records:

Download a vascular plant Recording Card for Shropshire (Vice County 40), adapted to include the vast majority of species you are likely to encounter.  Strike through or underline the species you record, then scan or photograph and email to Dr Sarah Whild.  Record by monad (1km square) or to six, eight or ten figure grid reference for more uncommon or rare species.  The County Recorder may contact you for more details if you have made new county records or for difficult, unusual or rare species.

Alternatively download this Excel spreadsheet for recording. It lists all the commoner plants of the county.  Put a 1 in the second column by the plant you recorded, then sort the list by column 2 and delete the rest. Then add the site, grid reference, date and recorder in the normal way.  You can also include notes and comments.

You might prefer to use iRecord which has the added advantage that you can submit photos as well which helps the verifier to confirm your records.