Field Meetings Programme 2024

Everyone is welcome to join the field meetings, you don't have to be a member and no prior experience of botanising is necessary!  Just contact the leader first to check the arrangements.  Bring outdoor clothing, boots, packed lunch and a drink. Unless stated we meet at 11:00 am.


We are also affiliated with the Northwestern Naturalists' Union and warmly welcome members and affiliated recording groups.

Sunday 14th April. Prees Heath. Meet at 11:00 am in the car park at SJ 5573 3627. This initial meeting is being led by John Martin who, along with Mags Cousins, is our Vice County Recorder. The aim of this meeting is to collect data ahead of the AGM on the 28th April where John and Mags will demonstrate how to use iRecord to submit data. This promises to be an interesting site as much work has been done in recent decades to improve the site for nature. Hopefully we shall see some of the spring ephemerals which makes Prees Heath such a joy in the spring. For further information about the meeting please contact John Handley, 07507 054695,


Sunday 26th May. Rhos Fiddle Nature Reserve, managed by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. Parking is limited and car sharing is advised, meet at SO 2052 8576.  A meeting with the Site Warden John Lydon. For those that know John, they will be aware of his extensive interest in many groups from invertebrates, plants and birds. We are timing the visit in order to hopefully see Viola lutea Mountain Pansies in flower. John Handley is co-leading this walk: for further information about the meeting please contact John Handley, 07507 054695,


Saturday 15th June. Blackbridge Quarry in Llynclys, SJ 2781 2417. This is another site managed by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. The site of an old limestone quarry, there are many lovely plants to see here including Anacamptis pyramidalis Pyramidal Orchid, Arabis hirsuta Hairy Rock-cress and Platanthera chlorantha Greater Butterfly-orchid. For further information about the meeting please contact John Handley, 07507 054695,


Sunday 7th July. Minsterley Meadows SSSI, Callow Lane, Minsterley, meet at 11am at the gates into the site SJ 37885 04961. Safe parking is nearby along Callow Lane in the village.  The two fields (approx 13.5 acres) are old semi-natural hay meadows, floristically rich and supporting Shropshire's largest population of Green-winged Orchids Orchis morio, which number in their thousands.  At time of writing the fields are for sale with Roger Parry, with various parties interested including the Middle Marches Community Land Trust concerned to protect the meadows, but also potentially developers who may have other things in mind. We will make a species list, so at least all concerned will have an up-to-date record of what the site supports.  Leader Mags Cousins;, 07873 532681.

Sunday 28th July. Shrawardine Millenium Green and churchyard of St Mary the Virgin, Shrawardine, meet at 11am at the gate onto the Green SJ 40074 15507, where we can park neatly, just inside the gate. We will record in the Green and then move to the churchyard in the village, neither of which have comprehensive species lists. For those feeling intrepid we can proceed after lunch to the nearby Shrawardine Pool SSSI, for which we have permission from the owners to look for Cowbane Cicuta virosa, Royal Fern Osmunda regalis, Skullcap Scutellaria galericulata and other goodies of marsh, swamp and fen.  We will have to do battle with nettles, brambles, mosquitos and boggy ground and a tangle of Willow and Alder roots, so unlike the morning it will be no walk in the park!  Leader Mags Cousins;, 07873 532681.

Saturday 24th August. Wem Moss a Shropshire Wildlife Trust owned site. Martin Godfrey will be providing a guiding hand in identifying Sphagnum. Thirteen different species of Sphagnum have been recorded here in the past, making it an interesting site to botanise. Parking at SJ 46883 33387, Other rarities include Wood Small-reed Calamagrostis epigejos, Bog Myrtle Myrica gale, Royal Fern Osmunda regalis and Rhynchospora alba White Beak-sedge. Leaders Martin Godfrey and John Handley, 07507 054695,

31st August. Coppice Leasowes Nature Reserve, which belongs to the Church Stretton Town Council and a neighbouring site: High Leasowes a 16 acre meadow purchased in 2022 by the local community. Coppice Leasowes is wetland site; the stream, Ashbrook from Cardingmill Valley, has recently been re-meandered. Parking and meeting on the east side of the A49, on Helmeth Road,  SO 46038 93846, Mike Carter and John Handley to lead 07507 054695,