Sunday 19 May 2024

On the Fiddle

We will be visiting Rhos Fiddle Nature Reserve at 11:00 AM on Sunday 26th May. The reserve is managed by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and parking is limited therefore car sharing is advised.

Meet at SO 2052 8576 where we will meet society member, and Site Warden, John Lydon. For those that know John, they will be aware of his extensive interest in many groups from invertebrates, plants and birds. We are timing the visit in order to hopefully see Viola lutea Mountain Pansies in flower (below).


John Handley is co-leading this walk: for further information about the meeting please contact John Handley, 07507 054695,

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Minsterley Meadows appeal

Many of you will be aware that two flower-rich hay-meadows on the eastern outskirts of Minsterley designated by Natural England as a Site of Special Scientific Interest have been offered for sale.

Following a public meeting on the 6th January a Minsterley Meadows working group was established and has successfully caught the eye of the Middle Marches Community Land Trust who have made an offer of £190,000 which has been accepted. They now have until October 19th to raise the funds.

This is wonderful news as the Trust have quickly developed a reputation, over recent years, for successfully purchasing and managing areas for conservation.

This is the largest site for Green-winged Orchids, Orchis morio (below) in Shropshire and we would like to know if you as members who like to support this purchase and, if so, to what extent.

The appeal by the Middle Marches Community Land Trust is attempting to raise a figure of £240,000 to purchase the land and to carry out the necessary Land Management work and support the development of the community group:

Item Cost


Land purchase


Legal costs


Professional fees (valuation, advice, negotiation, etc)


Fencing, gates, pedestrian bridges (2)


Roadside tree survey


Notice boards (3)


Other signage


Appeal costs including leaflets, posters, fundraising thermometer


Administrative support (Sarah Jameson, Minsterley Meadows Working Group)


Ongoing tree works, contingency


Investment in Minsterley Meadows Working Group (to cover costs of meetings and other expenses)




Total sum £237,000

To collect in the Appeal £240,000

Your committee would like to know if you think the Shropshire Botanical Society should support this appeal. If you could complete this very short poll before Sunday 26th May we will take members views into account when we make our decision:

Further details of the appeal can be found here.  

Thank you for your help.