Tuesday 20 June 2023

In a quarry again

Hello botanical friends,

If one limestone quarry is exciting then two in June must be twice as interesting. This field meeting is being held on Saturday 24th at Dolgoch Quarry, a Wildlife Trust Reserve at 11:00 AM. Parking in the layby just west of Llynclys crossroads on A495. Care is needed as it is a busy road, there is limited space so please consider car sharing. Cross the road and follow the track past the houses. Meet at the gate to the wood SY10 8LN, SJ278242  https://w3w.co/welfare.blurs.perfectly.

It is an abandoned quarry with a large variety of limestone flowers on the slopes and the floor of the quarry. Wooded areas between the grassland sites is also of interest. Rarities Juncus subnodulosus Blunt-flowered Rush and Epipactis palustris Marsh Helleborine have been recorded in the further quarry which also contains a large pool with a good amphibian population. Terrain is quite demanding through the wooded parts between the main grassland areas but it is not a large site.

For further information about the meeting please contact Penny Wysome, 01952 242617, pennywysome@yahoo.com



A picture of juncus subnodulosus Blunt-flowered Rush 

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.