Accessing Data

Accessing plant records of Shropshire can be done in a number of ways:

1) Shropshire flora database (Excel table)
Shropshire Botanical Society is part of the Shropshire Ecological Data Network (SEDN), a partnership of recording groups, which has worked hard to make the data freely accessible to all. 

Download a summary of the flora database: SEDN Data Dropbox folder

With a few simple Excel tools this can be filtered to produce lists to suit your own needs. For example, highlight a column (eg site or monad) and click on the filter button to allow you to select just the records you need for a site or 1 km square of countryside.  Condition of use: do not plagiarise the data, pass the raw data on to anyone else or attempt to sell the data.

2) National Biodiversity Network Atlas (NBN Atlas)
The NBN Atlas allows users to interrogate species records and download distribution maps.  You can if you wish just select the data submitted from Shropshire by SEDN, which we know has been verified by the County Recorders.

3) Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI)
The Distribution Database (DDb) is primarily intended as a research tool for county-recorders, referees and other specialist users and you need will need to request access from Kevin Walker.  Note that the public access BSBI maps provide a summarised view of the same data.