Friday 11 March 2022

Spring newsletter 2022 - hot off the press

We are pleased to say that the Shropshire Botanical Society Newsletter Spring 2022 Issue No. 44 is out NOW featuring Broomrapes in Shropshire by John Handley:

Orobanche rapum-genistae Greater Broomrape, photo V. Munro

The Nationally Scarce Orobanche rapum-genistae Greater Broomrape is bit of a Shropshire speciality and the fine specimens above were spotted by Mags Cousins on a rough, grassy bank near Church Stretton which is sporadically grazed by a few sheep in the summer.  The host plant Cytisus scoparius Broom thrives on this slope as the breed of sheep don't browse the Broom, nor it seems the Greater Broomrape.

The pdf of the newsletter will be landing in members' inboxes this weekend, so if you are a member and have not received it by Monday 14th March, check your spam/junk (oh the indignity!) and if you still can't find it please get in touch with Martin Godfrey (Membership Officer):

The newsletters are all available via the Newsletters page of this website but non-members have to work a bit harder to access them via Dropbox or read online.